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bhave Keratin Smoothing Application Process

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Learn how to use the bhave smoothing system with these simple procedures.

Step 1: Consultation prior to smoothing service

  1. It is important to perform a thorough consultation with your client. Take into account your clients hair history as well as their expectations before proceeding.

Step 2: Wash hair twice with bhave preparator shampoo

  1. Wash hair twice with bhave preparator shampoo
  2. After second shampoo, thoroughly rinse making sure all preparator shampoo is rinsed out, leaving the hair feeling squeaky clean. If the hair is feeling very soft, the cuticle still has some type of coating (eg. Silicone products or past keratin treatments) and must be removed for the smoothe therapy to work. If this occurs, apply the preparator shampoo a third or even fourth time.
  3. Do not leave the preparator shampoo in the hair. Do not use other clarifying shampoos as the treatment will not be as effective.

Step 3: Blast Dry

  1. Blast-dry your clients hair to 100% dry.

Step 4: Apply smoothe keratin therapy

  1. Shake the bottle of bhave smoothe keratin therapy well as ingredients may separate.
  2. Section the hair into four parts. Using an applicator brush (tint brush), apply the solution evenly just off the scalp starting from the nape of the neck, working your way upwards to the front of the head.
  3. Emulsify each section working the product into the hair. Allow the taming system to absorb into the hair for 30-60 minutes depending on the desired result.

Note: If client’s hair is more resistant, virgin or they simply want a stronger result, allow the smoothe therapy to process for a full 60 minutes. If within this absorbing time the hair dry’s out, re-apply in these areas.

Step 5: Lightly rinse residue

  1. Very lightly rinse residue with water only to remove excess product. The hair should  still feel like it has conditioner in it. DO NOT remove the entire product.
  2. Start with a tint bowl filled with warm water. Drizzle water over the hair. Squeeze hair into a pony tail until there is no water. Feel the hair, it should feel like it has just been conditioned.
  3. If the hair still feels slimy, fill another tint bowl of water and repeat until hair feels conditioned NOT SLIMY.

Step 6: Blow dry until hair is 100% dry

  1. You can rough dry at first, but finish blow-dry with a round brush using lots of tension. This is an important step in helping to set the hair.
  2. You can set your hairdryer on to a medium heat to high heat. If excessive smoking occurs during this stage, it may be due to the hair dryer being too close to the brush, possibly burning the hair.

Step 7: Flat iron

  1. When determining how many passes, it is important that you have conducted a thorough consultation.
  2. Set flat iron to 180 deg Celcius.
  3. Divide hair into 3 parts – roots, mid lengths and ends.
  4. Folow the guide below (please note this is only a guide, use your professional discretion to determine the amount of passes through the hair). The more damaged the hair, the least amount of passes is required. Healthy hair require the most passes. The ironing process seals the taming system into the hair. Once cuticle is closed, you can move onto the next section.
  5. Start ironing at the back of the head using fine sections. Pull hair taught and begin ironing at the roots, then mid lengths, and lastly at the ends.
  6. Once you have completed the ironing process, you may need to adjust the hair style, you can achieve this by dropping the temperature of the iron to 160 deg Celcius and style accordingly.


  • Roots – 6 to 8 passes
  • Mids – 4 to 6 passes
  • Ends – 1 to 4 passes

Important Information to give your clients

  • Do not apply any other products while treatment is working it’s magic during the first 48 hours. No serum, mousse, gel, argan oil, hairspray can be applied until after the first shampoo.
  • DO NOT leave the treatment in any longer than 48 hours as it will start to dry the hair.
  • To ensure longevity and best results, use bhave shampoo and conditioner.
  • Hair can be coloured after 2 shampoo washes.
  • Further treatments can be applied to the whole head as required.


  • Pregnant or breast feeding women should consult their physician prior to having a keratin smoothing therapy.
  • In some cases hair colour may fade. On some grey or blonde hair, discolouration may occur (due to taking out toner). If you have any doubts, test on a small section of hair.
  • Results may vary from person to person, therefore it’s advisable to perform a strand test prior to application.

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