1. Please refer to the attached receipt for details of the goods placed on Lay-by.
  2. Please refer to attached receipt for purchase price of the goods. The purchase price of the items will not alter during the term of the lay-by contract.
  3. Your deposit amount detailed on your receipt is regarded as the first payment & Lay-by payments on the balance cannot be more than 14 days apart.
  4. Subject to clause 5(below), a cancellation fee of 25% of the total value of the lay -by will apply if the lay-by is cancelled. This may result in forfeiture of the deposit and I or a portion of all the installments.
  5. The customer may cancel the Lay-by without incurring a cancellation charge if the goods are delivered damaged, or any other circumstance that is set out in clause 89(3) of the Fair Trading Act 1999.
  6. Lay-by parcels of more than one item cannot be separated and must be paid in full before collection.
  7. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the store of any change of address or contact details.
  8. The ownership of the lay-by goods will not pass to the customer until the full purchase price has been paid.
  9. Non payment will be a breach of the lay-by agreement and the retailer may cancel the lay-by after giving the customer at least 14 days written notice of the breach. In such case, a notice of the breach will be posted to the customer’s last known address. If, after the notice period, the customer has not made a further payment, or paid the balance, as the circumstances require, the customer will be deemed to have cancelled the lay-by. The customer will forfeit the goods and incur the cancellation charge as set out in clause 4 herein and any remaining sum shall be reimbursed to the customer.
  10. lf the retailer cancels the lay-by other than for a breach of the above conditions, then all monies will be returned to the customer without a cancellation charge being incurred.