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Lycon Eyebrow Precision Wax & Tint Kit

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Lycon Eyebrow Precision Wax & Tint Kit (with Carry Bag)

Achieve perfectly sculpted and defined brows every time with our LYCOPRO Baby Heater, LYCOJET Eyebrow and Lycocil Tints in our EYEBROW Precision Kit.


  • LYCOPRO Baby Heater
  • LYCOJET Eyebrow Hot Wax 500g,
  • Lycotane 20ml
  • Pre-Waxing Oil 20ml
  • Tea-Tree Soothe 20ml
  • Precise Shaping Spatulas 100pk
  • Lycocil Tint Black 15g
  • Lycocil Tint Blue/Black 15g
  • Lycocil Tint Brown 15g
  • Lycocil Tint Light Brown 15g
  • Lycocil Tint Grey 15g
  • Lycocil Protective Gel 100ml
  • Lycocil Crème Peroxide 100ml
  • Lycocil Tint Remover 100ml
  • Protective Papers 96pc
  • Small Glass Tinting Bowl
  • Tinting Brush