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Waste Free Systems Lite

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Salon Depot has teamed up with Waste Free Systems to bring you Waste Free Systems Lite, perfect for home or small salons that want to use this amazing new system, but in a cost effective way.

By utilising Waste Free bins onsite at Salon Depot, you too can make your salon waste free, and help aid the environment and our future.

Please contact us at Salon Depot, or Waste Free Systems for more information and a tailored price for your business.

Waste Free Systems is a turnkey solution for repurposing up to 96% of your salon waste.

When you become a Salon Partner you get everything you need to create your own 100% waste-free environment.
In doing so, you not only help the planet, but you demonstrate to clients that you are doing the right thing and generate buzz for your salon:

• Cool Art bins to separate in-salon waste - with unique artwork by Australian Artist, Kendall Perkins
• Choose one of the four-bin series - and change every six months to keep things fresh
• A larger bin collected regularly from outside your salon
• Training for all staff on our easy-to-use repurposing system
• Marketing materials for promoting your salon and getting some great PR

Our convenient system helps you become waste-free without you hardly having to lift a finger! And it even adds a unique splash of art to your salon decor. What’s more, it doesn’t cost you a cent. In fact, you will benefit financially from introducing the system into your salon.


What exactly do we collect and repurpose?

• Hair: you’d be surprised what it can be used for – not just wigs!
• Metals: foil, canisters, tins, and more
• Plastics: bottles, tubs, bags, and other plastics
• Paper: cardboard, packaging, and more
• Chemicals: colours, peroxide, perm solutions, and other liquids
• Sharps: razors and other implements
• Organic matter: food scraps, and other organic waste

Wherever possible, after collecting the waste, we connect it to local and global projects that make a difference to people’s lives.