WetBrush Speed Dry – Metallic Marble

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The Speed Dry professional hair brush will glide through your hair, removing those pesky tangles that occur when blow drying – a great feature of our new professional hair brushes! The anatomically designed curved heads that match the scalp get closer to the root allowing removal of excess water while speeding drying time by up to 30%. These hair brushes for blow drying are heat resistant and can resist heat up to are 450°F.

Vented Brush
The comfort grip Speed Dry detangling brush has a vented inner core that allows hot air to flow evenly through while blow drying, and faster drying = faster styling! With this feature, our vented hairbrush is perfect for every professional who is seeking comfort, quality and ease. This is the only blow dry brush that detangles while it styles and dries and was designed specifically with you in mind!

Ergonomic Grip Handle
Our unprecedented comfort grip salon brush is innovative in both appearance and performance. This Speed Dry hair brush has an unusual handle that conforms to your hand, making brushing hair a breeze. The handle provides enhanced comfort, maximum grip and control. The head enables you to reach the scalp for utmost styling efficiency.

IntelliFlex Bristles
This revolutionary hair brush is made with our world famous IntelliFlex bristles. We’ve specially formulated them so that they can withstand the hottest blow dryers up to 450°F. The ball tipped bristles are thin, strong and flexible, feel great on the scalp and glide through the hair with ease. The do not get caught in knots like most other hair brushes. This detangling hairbrush grips close to the scalp and will detangle effortlessly, while working its way to comb through hair without tearing or causing split ends.

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