Daroko The Power Styler

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Daroko The Power Styler

The Power Styler is a ceramic coated hairdryer attachment that fits onto the end of straight edged, flat hairdryer nozzles.

Available in Pink, Black, Orange and Blue!


What does The Power Styler actually do?

The Power Styler helps to create shinier, smoother looking blow dries in less time, which last longer than usual.

How does The Power Styler work?

The ceramic coated attachment heats up more than a regular plastic hairdryer nozzle which helps speed up the hair drying process and helps set your style for longer. The ceramic material helps smooth down the hair cuticle which helps create smoother and shinier looking hair.

How does The Power Styler connect to my hairdryer nozzle?

The Power Styler has been cleverly designed with repositionable clips. Simply slide these clips onto the end of your nozzle. If needed, the clips can be moved further apart or closer together to fit your hairdryer nozzle. However, the placement of the clips when your first receive The Power Styler should suit the majority of hairdryer nozzles. Please view a video on how to attach the Power Styler here.

Will The Power Styler damage or ruin my hair?

When used correctly, The Power Styler would not damage your hair any more than a regular hairdryer and in fact tests have shown that because you need to blow dry your hair for LESS time, it could actually be better for your hair.

Will The Power Styler fit my hairdryer nozzle?

The Power Styler has been created to fit all nozzles with a flat, straight edge so that when you look at it from the sides A) the lines are parallel and B) The top 6mm are flat the entire width of the nozzle. See image guide below.

Nozzle's that fit The Power Styler

What should I do if I do not have the right hairdryer nozzle?

Unfortunately in this case we would advise you not to buy The Power Styler and if/when you purchase another hairdryer, consider purchasing one with a suitable nozzle. It is difficult to achieve a universal product as every hairdryer nozzle can have a slightly different shape therefore we specify that the nozzle should be straight-edged and the top 6mm should be flat the entire width of the nozzle. Please see guide above for clarification.

Should I take off The Power Styler when I am not using it?

There is no need to remove The Power Styler after use, simply leave it attached ready for the next time you blow dry your hair. However, should you wish to remove The Power Styler, wait until it has totally cooled down to touch. Then simply place your thumbs on both of the clips and slowly but firmly push up and off the nozzle. Then store them safely in the original packaging until you next blow dry your hair.


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