Aqua Bond Soft Finish Bed Cover

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Aqua Bond Soft Finish Bed Cover

The AQUA BOND® Soft Finish Bed Cover has been designed as the name suggests, to give every client maximum comfort and hygiene.

The 100m roll can be cut into any length, depending on the treatment the beautician may only need to cover one quarter or half of the bed. Beauticians prefer this to the perforated 2 metre sheets as it cuts down on waste and costs.

AQUA BOND® Soft Finish Bed Covers are used over towels and nail hand cushions. Using the Soft Finish Bed Cover negates the need to change the towel with every customer, reducing the washing and drying costs. Some of our clients who laundry their towels are saving over half their laundry costs.

With today’s electricity prices a must for every business to evaluate the cost savings and it’s benefit for the environment.

AQUA BOND® Soft Finish Bed Covers are also used by Chiro Practices, Massage Clinics, Paediatricians, Medical Centres and many other professional providers.

100 metres x 60 cm.

National Breast Cancer Foundation50 cents from every roll purchased is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 60 cm